Dear Friends,

With sincere appreciation and gratitude, I thank all of the people, businesses, and organizations that supported my candidacy for the DuPage County Board, District 5. Our efforts were just short of being successful, but it is important to take a moment to reflect upon our campaign. Foremost, the loyalty and help from all of you, including Mayor Pradel, Representative Darlene Senger, Naperville City Councilmen Chirico, Krause, McElroy and Miller, that were at one time my competitors in a prior campaign, former Aurora Alderman Beykirch, and Commissioners Coyne, Trowbridge & Williams of the Planning & Zoning Board, it is just immensely flattering. Our campaign slogan “Trust-in-Gustin” was more than a jingle, it was my pledge to each of you and all of the voters. We kept the pledge!

Support from local business leaders, community committeemen and my many Aurora, Lisle, and Naperville friends that wrote endorsement letters, passed flyers and knocked on doors, and the Realtors Association and it’s network of supporters, cannot be measured in financial terms – how does one measure the trust you all gave to me to be your District 5 representative? In the end, with seven candidates splitting the vote, a low 20% primary voter turn-out, and some candidates literally spending-tons of–thousands of dollars for signs, gifts, mailers and other methods to swing the election, the comparative grass roots efforts of our campaign missed the mark by less than 400 votes; less than 1% of the votes needed. But our platform of growing DuPage jobs, promoting small and mid-size business, standing firm on the creep of taxes and fees that take the money you need to survive, and eliminating excessive government salaries and pensions (like eliminating County board member pensions, evaluating the $50,000 yearly what is called “part-time” salary) remains the pledge to be achieved, today and in the November general election, and afterwards. Thank you for helping me to carry that pledge forward. Thank you for your support and trust. Thank you for urging me to keep fighting the good fight for our county and our communities!