Trusted Testimonials

""Patty is Chairwoman to Naperville's PZC, she has past and current City experience that will be an asset to the changing City Council. She is a consensus builder, knowledgeable and approachable. She will be a great addition to City Council." - Steve Chirico, City Councilman  "

Steve Chirico | City Councilman


You will elect all 8 Council seats and a new mayor. We can’t afford hobby candidates with learning curves or self-interest motives, or want taxpayer-paid health insurance, or give the same old worn lecture. I LOVE THIS CITY AND ITS RESIDENTS & HAVE SERVED IT FOR OVER A DECADE. WITH MY EXPERIENCE & YOUR TRUST WE CAN BETTER THIS COMMUNITY.

Patty’s Promise

  • Balance the City’s $6.8 Million budget deficit by supporting smart economic development that will offset resident and business real estate taxes.
  • Eliminate City Councilman health insurance benefit which cost the City/tax payers $17,000 a year, potentially $200,000-$300,000 a year, depending upon enrollment, as the City is self-insured.
  • Evaluate Senior Citizen (50+ age) support/services to encourage our seniors to continue to live in and others to come back to Naperville.

A message from Patty Gustin about her campaign.

An endorsement for Patty Gustin from Naperville Residents.