Patty Knows

""Patty served the Village of Lisle Planning and Zoning Boards for almost 10 years, and now 10 years for Naperville. She understands the regional conversations. Patty knows that growing and keeping businesses in our communities, of all sizes, is the key to having a strong resident community . . . low taxes, balanced budgets, a place people want to come to live and play. Businesses and residents can trust Patty with their support and vote." - Tom Althoff , Lisle Chamber President"

Tom Althoff | Lisle Chamber President


You will elect all 8 Council seats and a new mayor. We can’t afford hobby candidates with learning curves or self-interest motives, or want taxpayer-paid health insurance, or give the same old worn lecture. I LOVE THIS CITY AND ITS RESIDENTS & HAVE SERVED IT FOR OVER A DECADE. WITH MY EXPERIENCE & YOUR TRUST WE CAN BETTER THIS COMMUNITY.

Patty’s Promise

  • Balance the City’s $6 Million budget deficit by supporting smart economic development that will offset resident and business real estate taxes.
  • Eliminate City Councilman health insurance benefit which cost the City/tax payers $15,000 a year, potentially $150,000 a year as the City is self-insured.
  • Grow Senior Citizen (50+ age) support/services to encourage our seniors to continue to live in and others to come back to Naperville.

A message from Patty Gustin about her campaign.

An endorsement for Patty Gustin from Naperville Residents.